Company Values

Posted on 11 june 2016 by Admin   |   Performance, art, theatre, stage, entertainment

Our Business is devoted to offering best-in-class production, sales and administrative assistance to arts companies.

The most noticeable service is the operation of Our Business. Our Business has cutting edge electrical, sound, lighting and fly systems, big and current dressing spaces, along with modern audience facilities. By offering a first-rate location with competent home management personnel, production personnel, marketing and ticketing services personnel, the SBCPA is making it possible for many Santa Barbara's finest carrying out arts companies to provide their programs with the highest level of modern production assistance and audience convenience.

A regional landmark for practically a century, Our Business is the main coast's premier carrying out arts location. A really active place, the 1,553-seat Theatre is open all year, supplying a house for the 8-resident business, Our Business Show Series along with programs installed by local and nationwide show promoters.